MOTOTRBO Conventional System - Single Site

Conventional Systems Single site 2

blaThis city hotel must offer excellent customer service if it is to succeed. Guests need to feel safe, secure and well cared-for. The hotel has installed a MOTOTRBO repeater on the premises, giving excellent coverage all the way from the basement to the penthouse suite. Now, with their Work Order Ticket Management system and MOTOTRBO SL4000 and SL4000e radios, the staff have the tools they need to deliver a top-class guest experience.

A repeater brings many benefits to your workplace communications. With high transmitter power and a sensitive receiver, your coverage area is significantly boosted. The digital error correction capability within the unit also improves voice quality. And with the MOTOTRBO repeater IP interface, you can more efficiently implement operations-critical applications such as Work Order Ticketing, GPS Dispatch Consoles and Telephone Interconnect. MOTOTRBO repeaters use both TDMA timeslots of a DMR standard radio channel. Depending on user activity, this can support up to 200 radio users.

Conventional mode uses a high-power repeater and a pair of channels to give you good radio coverage and capacity across a wide area.



  • 1 Site
  • 1 Repeater
  • Up to 200 Radios (recommended)


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