MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect

Conventional Systems IP Site Connect 2Imagine using your MOTOTRBO digital radio to dispatch the nearest road crew to a job site in another county or to talk to your manufacturing plant across the world. MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect extends the reach of your MOTOTRBO two-way radio system to connect up to 100 people easily and seamlessly, regardless of geography.

When your organization has grown beyond a single location, you should consider MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect. This system uses multiple repeaters connected together with an IP network to create a distributed radio system. Whether you need unified communications across several different facilities, in-fill coverage in difficult geographic areas, or even a single-site multi-band network, IP Site Connect delivers affordable communication coverage.

  • IP Site Connect allows you to interconnect up to 15 MOTOTRBO repeaters to increase the coverage area of a system. The repeaters can be in adjacent locations, or geographically isolated.
  • The interconnection is directly between repeaters, using an IPv4 network. No new hardware is required, besides backend network devices such as routers. Traffic on the IP network is authenticated and can be protected. VPNs are also supported.
  • All calls are repeated by all repeaters, so the capacity of the system is approximately the same as the capacity of a single digital repeater. Roaming is supported, but not during an active call.
  • The RDAC (Repeater Diagnostics and Control) tool is available to manage all repeaters from a single location.
  • IP Site Connect can also be used to provide multi-band support on a single site – for example by interconnecting an VHF repeater with a UHF repeater.

Mototrbo IP Site Connect lokality gb


  • Up to 15 Sites
  • 1 Repeater per Site
  • Up to 200 Radios (recommended)

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