Benefits of Motorola Headsets

Two-way radio users expect reliable communications from their radios and the addition of an earpiece or headset helps to improve performance. They allow communications without the need to keep the radio in the hand, helping to protect it from the drops and misuse that can occur when users have to continuously hold the radio. Earpieces and headsets enable users to make and receive calls without the need to remove the radio from their belt, leaving them free to carry out the job at hand. Using an earpiece or headset allows the user to operate in a discreet and professional manner, communicating with colleagues as necessary but without disturbing or alerting others.


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Basic headsets provide a single speaker ear-muff on a headband with a comfort pad at the end to keep the headset securely in position and to enhance comfort. Dual-muff models are also available that provide a speaker and muff for each ear. The microphone is located at the end of a flexible boom, allowing it to be positioned directly in front of the mouth, helping to ensure good levels of voice pick up. Calls are made using the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button which is built in to the cable connecting the headset to the radio – called in-line configuration. The cable also has a clip allowing it to be held securely in place on clothing, keeping it conveniently to hand and preventing snagging.

There are several categories of headset to meet different levels of convenience and noise protection – ultra-light, lightweight, medium- and heavy duty models are all available to match a wide range of usage conditions. Headbands are normally over-the-head but behind-the-head models are also offered to allow headsets to be used when wearing a helmet. Some headsets also offer enhanced functionality such as noise cancelling microphones and hearing protection for very noisy environments. For greater comfort and when maintaining peripheral hearing is required, specific accessories such as the IMPRES™ Temple Transducer headset are available, providing a truly unique solution – a headset without speakers.Headset 01


Ultra-light and light-weight headsets offer simple, convenient functionality.

Ultra-light headsets come in two types: ear-sets consist of an on-ear speaker with boom microphone attached whereas ultra-light (also known as Breeze) headsets offer a flexible narrow steel band that fits snugly around the back of the head and are worn like a pair of glasses in reverse.

Light-weight headsets provide a more conventional solution worn over the top of the head. With the earpiece close to the ear providing discrete received audio, they prevent others from overhearing or being disturbed by messages – this is especially useful in public areas where you want to listen to transmissions but not allow the general public to overhear them. With a wide range of headsets in this category, there is a solution available to fit the professional image and ensure the person wearing the headset portrays the appropriate perception.

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Headset 04In situations like smelting plants, shunting yards, construction sites or heavy manufacturing, noise levels can be very high and prescribe the need for hearing protection. Medium- and heavy-duty headsets have two ear cups for enhanced audio performance and to provide improved auditory isolation from the surroundings, thereby achieving greater hearing protection. The user listens to radio transmissions through both ears and talks through the flexible boom microphone, which is more robust and delivers better performance than light-weight designs.

Heavy duty headsets provide excellent noise attenuation of up to 24dB. The ear cups fit comfortably over the ears to provide a protective seal to shield the user’s ears from harmful noise and if a second layer of protection is required, ear plugs can also be used.

When extended use and comfort is essential, extra padding is fitted around the ear cups and across the head band, reducing user fatigue.




As with our range or earpieces, Motorola Solutions has also developed additional exclusive capabilities for our headsets – we offer a range of models so users can select the best fit and feel for their particular needs. Mag One audio headsets are specifically designed for light duty users and provide good performance for the budget conscious. Motorola Original® Standard headsets provide a better solution for customers who want a more robust and professional headset and finally there are the unique Motorola IMPRES audio technology headsets providing the best levels of performance and sophistication.

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Mag One is the only value line of audio accessories approved by Motorola for use with Motorola radios and is designed for light duty users whose primary concern is cost. In the past, some users have purchased low cost non-Motorola accessories and experienced performance issues as a result. Now, those people can use Mag One accessories that have been tested and approved by Motorola for use with our radios, eliminating performance issues like interference that only appears at certain frequencies or chopper noise which distorts voice transmissions.

The Mag One portfolio includes a selection of ear-sets, Breeze- and light-weight headsets for Motorola’s two-way radios.



Motorola Original audio accessories provide even better performance. They are designed and built to a higher level, for example using materials such as Kevlar to withstand damage or deformation, especially at extreme low temperatures down to -30°C and high temperatures up to +60°C. They also meet Military Standard 810 and are subjected to our rigorous Accelerated Life Test (ALT) to ensure they will withstand the hard conditions found in real-life usage.

The portfolio includes ear-sets, ultra-light, light-weight, medium- and heavy duty headsets.



The heavy duty noise cancellation headset uses noise cancelling microphone technology located at the end of the microphone boom. When positioned close to the mouth the voice level is loud enough to compete with the background noise level which effectively cancels low frequency ambient noise at the microphone.



Headset 06 gbHeadset 09IMPRES technology is exclusive to Motorola and allows audio accessories to communicate with the radio to optimise performance and voice intelligibility, even in noisy situations. These headsets can detect the changes in voice level when the user turns their head, holds the microphone further away or speaks softly and will automatically adjust their settings for optimal performance. That means the listener experiences consistent audio and doesn't miss calls or have to continually change volume levels.

Motorola’s IMPRES Temple Transducer Headset offers a unique solution for situations when the user needs to be able to hear radio messages, but also maintain peripheral hearing. It is also ideal for places like construction sites where the radio user has to wear a helmet or safety glasses.

The light-weight design is worn behind the head and has two transducers which are placed on the temples. These convert the received audio into minute vibrations which transfer to the auditory nerve within the inner ear, resulting in very clear voice quality, even in noisy environments, whilst leaving the ears unobstructed so the user can be fully aware of sounds around them. If hearing protection is required, the user can use ear plugs or defenders, but will still hear transmissions through the headset.

The Temple Transducer Headset also has a robust but flexible boom microphone that can be positioned close to the mouth helping to ensure good voice quality.


DoCOnly Motorola tests and approves radios and accessories as a complete system to ensure they meet the relevent regulatory requirements required by law. This not only ensures legal compliance, but also that Mag One and Motorola earpieces and headsets will work together with the radio to a satisfactory standard. Tests include RF Electro Magnetic Emissions, RF immunity to 2.7GHz, audio levels and quality (distortion factors) plus RoHS & WEEE directives. Each product has a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) to show compliance to the CE standards required by EU Law.

Source: Motorola

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