End to analog two-way radios

  • Oct 13, 2014

Goto Mototrbo

As the migration to MOTOTRBO accelerates, Motorola will be cancelling the following list of models:

Portable two-way radios

Cancelled Model
Phased out on Recomennded replacement
CP040, CP140 10.11.2014 DP1400 
CP160 14.01.2015 DP2600
CP180 10.11.2014 DP2600
GP340 16.02.2015 DP2400
GP360 16.02.2015 DP2600, DP4600
GP380 16.02.2015 DP4800
GP340Ex, GP380Ex 18.10.2013 DP4401Ex, DP4801Ex
GP344, GP388 18.08.2014 DP3441, SL1600, SL4000
GP344R, GP388R 18.08.2014 DP3441, SL1600, SL4000

 Mobile two-way radios

Cancelled model  Phased out on Recomennded replacement
CM140, CM160 16.02.2015 DM1400, DM1600
CM340, CM360 16.02.2015 DM2600
GM140, GM160 16.02.2015 DM1400, DM1600
GM340, GM360 16.02.2015 DM4400, DM4600
GM380, GM1280 13.07.2012 DM4600
GM Databox 16.02.2015 N/A

Migration CM140 DM1400 Migration CM340 DM2600 Migration CP040 DP1400 Migration CP140 DP1400 Migration CP160 DP2600 Migration CP180 DP4800 Migration GM300 DM4000 Migration GP330 340 DP4400 Migration_GP360 D4600 Migration GP380 DP4800 Migration GP344 344R DP3441 Migration GP380 ATEX DP4801 Migration GP340 ATEX DP4401 Ex